About Us

Some people consider my family to be restless. We consider ourselves to be travelholics. While we’ve settled down in Tucson, we still explore Route 66, National Parks, and go camping regularly. I was born in Wyoming, and grew up in Seattle. There, I met my husband, Rick, a Merchant Marine Officer. We continued to move around a bit and had two sons. We moved to the Netherlands, but then returned to the Midwest for most of our sons’ childhoods. 

There, we became interested in farm auctions and estate sales, and got a booth at a new market opening. We moved to the Kansas City area while the boys were college age, and opened Consign & Design, a furniture and décor consignment shop. 

We moved to Arizona to help my mother with Parkinson’s, and started another booth at a local mall. When the Iconic Copper Country closed, we saw the need for a new and improved source of antiques. furniture, and local goods in the area so opened Speedway Antique Mall. 

Since opening on April 1st, 2016, it has been our goal to provide a clean, comfortable, and welcoming atmosphere for antiquing and thrifting in Tucson. We feature over 170 booths inside our over 18,000 sq ft mall. With merchandise coming in daily, you never know when you’ll find your treasure.