Showcases, Locks & Keys

All small, expensive items should be locked in a showcase. We do our best with security, but the more likely an item is to fit in a pocket, the more likely it is to be pocketed. Inform us of any items over $500 (excluding furniture).

Letters, not numbers

Lettering your locks and keys instead of using numbers will help customers understand that key numbers are not the same as booth number.

What goes in a showcase?

A good rule of thumb on what to lock up is anything that is expensive and anything you can fit in a hoodie pocket. The smaller and more expensive something is, the more likely it is to be stolen.

Color Coordinated

Color coordinated locks and keys helps staff and volunteers find the keys quicker. For example, have a red A, a blue B, and so on.

Cases We Recommend

Ikea’s Detolf $59.99
Lock not included, <$10

Ikea’s Rudsta (w/ place for lock) $119

One Key to Rule Them All

You can buy multiple padlocks that take the same key. Amazon has sets of 4, sets of 12, and sets of 12 2″ padlocks for bigger cases.

Double Up!

Take your keys to Ace or your local locksmith to have get duplicates made of your showcase keys so we have a copy and you have a copy.