Price Tags

The most important part of being a vendor: the tags! An item cannot be sold without a tag. All tags must have your vendor/booth number, a price, a description, and an optional SKU/Inventory number. We sell bundles of Medium and Large String Tags and sheets of Medium, Large, or Special Stick-On tags.

Sample Tag

Here is an example of a great tag. If it is part of a set, number the items accordingly. If a tag is illegible, we may not be able to sell your item. Any additional info written on the back of tags will not be put into the system.

Special Tags

We sell bright chartreuse “Special” tags at the front counter. Put these items on prices you wish to mark down. Special tags must partially over the original tag to ensure the cashier sees the markdown.

Tag Size

Tags need to be about the size of a postal stamp or larger. Small tags get lost too easily.

Missing Tags

Every so often, go through your booth to make sure every item is tagged and priced. Untagged items cannot be sold and will be placed in the vendor’s Lost & Found. After 30 days, items in the Lost & Found are donated to charity. Be sure to remove any yard sale or thrift store tags.

Easy to Read

Not everyone sees the same way. Write tags clearly for our senior shoppers. Our colorblind customers tell us that they have trouble reading tags that are on colorful paper.

Describe It Well

A good description of the item can sway a customer into buying the item and makes it harder for thieves to tag switch. Note the color, shape, and other details about the item. “Metal lamp” is too vague.


If your space has a lot of expensive items, consider adding some smalls that are cheaper to gain variety. The same is true the other way. Expensive items are slower to sell and cheaper items are quicker. Price accordingly to how fast you wish to move your merchandise

Tagging Textiles

To price fabric items, many vendors use small safety pins as a place to anchor string tags. If you have a lot of fabric items, purchasing a clothing tagging gun may be a good option for fast tagging.

What to price it?

We expect our vendors to know their merchandise’s worth, but if you come across something you know is expensive, but that’s all you know, email us and we may be able to help you research it. We can also identify artists with a clear photo of the work.